Status: Post Production

Tagline: The Terror Starts The Moment She Stops

Synopsis: ‘Nicky’ a young woman travelling alone to meet her band mates, through the back roads of the British countryside, escapes the clutches of a dangerous stranger. Her road trip soon turns from bad to worse as she finds herself running for her life as she attempts to escape a serial killer and the hordes of predatory locals in the area known as ‘The Highway of Tears’.

REARVIEW plans to mine a similar territory to that explored in films such as Breakdown, The Hitcher, and Wrong Turn; feeding off the viewer’s secret fears of being stranded alone in a foreign, hostile environment.

StarringAntonia Thomas (Misfits, Eight Minutes Idle), Jamie Sives (Game of Thrones, One Day, Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself), Jay Simpson (Shifty, Welcome To The Punch), Ben Wilkin (Kinky Boots, Incendiary), James Floyd (Everywhere & Nowhere, My Brother The Devil), Paul Rattray (Birdsong, Creep, Enigma).

DirectorAvril E. Russell

Writer: Avril E. Russell

Genre: Thriller

Available Territories: World, excluding Middle East.


Antonia Thomas Signs to Star In 'Rearview', Avril E Russell’s
Feature Debut

10/7/2011, Hollywood Reporter

LONDON – Antonia Thomas, a rising TV star whose resume boasts the first season of cult British small screeen hit Misfits, has signed to star in Rearview, writer-director Avril E Russell’s feature debut.

Thomas stars alongside Jamie Sives (One Day), Jay Simpson (Pride & Prejudice) and James Floyd (Everywhere & Nowhere) in the British indie psychological road thriller.

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