Status: In Post Production

Tagline: Family secrets never stay buried for long...

Synopsis: Messina, Sicilia 1908. Peter is a thirteen years old boy the only heir to a rich family, the Hoffmans. The family is disliked by the locals and even more Peter for his sadistic streak.

On December 28th the most powerful earthquake in European history razes Messina to the ground. Peter is still alive but  wakes up buried alive in a hidden place by one of the locals of has had enough of him. Nobody will ever find him.  Until a young girl today wakes him up…..

The film is along the lines of ‘The Orphanage’, ‘Orphan’,’ Woman In Black’

Starring: Rosie Fellner, Henry Douthwaite, Katia Greco 

DirectorChristian Bisceglia, Ascanio Malgarini (The Haunting Of Helena) and written by Christian Bisceglia

Writer: Christian Bisceglia (The Haunting Of Helena)

Genre: Horror Film

Available Territories: Worldwide excluding Italy