Status: In Production
Tagline: In Love and War the First Casualty is Truth
Synopsis: Bilbao, April 1937. Henry is an American correspondent. Famous for his talent and a commitment to the truth that blazed in him years ago, he has become a boozy and cynical opportunist obsessed only with his newspaper image and what is left of his fading fame.
While delivering his last column and preparing to leave the Basque front to return to the fleshpots of Madrid, Henry encounters a fiery censor of the international press office of the Republican front. Teresa is a young idealist who has read and admired Henry’s earlier work, but now she strongly criticizes his latest story because she considers it inaccurate, self serving, and even cowardly.
Challenged by her spirit, and smitten with her beauty, Henry decides to stay and, with Teresa’s help, tell the story of what is happening in Spain, a prelude to love and war, in a world that is quickly collapsing around the lovers. The odds are stacked against them. The jealous head of the Censorship Bureau loves Teresa too and there’s a war on the way.
Starring: TBC
Writer: Carlos Clavijo and Barney Cohen
Genre: War Drama, Action
Territories Available: Sony have acquired worldwide distribution rights, excluding Spain.


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Nearly 80 years after a bombardment by Hitler’s Condor Legion turned the small Basque town of Guernica into an enduring symbol of civilian suffering in war, the first full-length feature film about the tragedy is under way.

Much of the film is based on testimonies of the events of 26 April 1937 collected by director Koldo Serra, a project he began in 2012.

“One woman who saw the attack said the planes were flying so low” – as they machine-gunned fleeing citizens – “she could see the pilots’ eyes. For me, accounts like that [...]