Status: Pre Production

Synopsis: SUPREME RULER is a dramatic satire about a middle-aged, small town go-getter named Steve Loomis whose life revolves around the activities of his local Buffalo lodge. Steve looks forward to being elected Supreme Ruler of the lodge, but is unexpectedly challenged for the position by a hard-drinking, womanizing, older member of the club named HANK DORY.

How far will Steve go to pursue his lifelong ambition of becoming Supreme Ruler?

Starring: Ron Livingston, Vincent D'Onofrio, Minnie Driver, Billy Zane, Peyton List, Natalie Zea, Anthony Anderson, Brian Geraghty

Director: Duane Edwards

Writer: Frederick Mensch (Writer of award winning 'Nightingale')

Genre: Drama

Territories: Territories excluding North America


Supreme Ruler, to be shot on location in Chicago, Illinois, is set to star Ron Livingstone (The Conjuring, The 5th Wave, Vincent D'Onofrio (Jurassic World, The Magnificent Seven), Minnie Driver (Jekyll Island, About A Boy TV series), Peyton List (Jessie TV Series), Billy Zane (Zoolander 2, Titanic, Phantom), Anthony Anderson (Transformers, Barber Shop, The Departed), Brian Geraghty (Jarhead, The Hurt Locker), and Natalie Zea (The Detour TV series).


Supreme Ruler Is produced by Max Czertok for EMovies, (known for Swelter and Walking to Paris), Duane Edwards for The King Productions (known for Cold Blood (2008) [...]

Natalie Zea is joining Ron Livingston in Supreme Ruler, an indie drama with comedic sensibilities. Vincent D'Onofrio, Marcia Gay Harden and Brian Geraghty are already cast in the movie, which will be directed by Duane Edwards.

Ruler centers on a small-town go-getter (Livingston) whose dream of becoming “Supreme Ruler” of his local Buffalo Lodge is unexpectedly challenged by a hard-drinking womanizer (D'Onofrio). The two men are forced to travel to the Buffalo National Convention in Chicago in order to win the support of the organization's national leaders [...]