(a.k.a HOKA HEY)

Status: Completed

Logline: A good day to die

Synopsis: A story of change and survival. A powerful and moving film of war photographer Jason Howe.

Putting their lives in incredible danger to document the front lines of some of the most hostile environments on the planet. War photographers play an often overlooked role in the reporting of ‘News’. What’s the first thing you think of when the room that you’re sleeping in is blown to pieces? What time is it when it hits “Bomb O’clock”? How do you fall for a woman, who then reveals herself as a female assassin and then deal with her savage murder by her own people? Hokahey – A Good Day To Die’ exposes the extraordinary story of award winning conflict photographer – Jason P. Howe – who braved the front line to capture images of humanity at war, its suffering and cultures in disarray.

Writer/Director: Harold Monfils

Genre: Biography/Drama

Territories Available: World excluding Greece and UK


Released on DVD in the UK 31st July. Available from Tesco, HMV and Amazon.

 Available on VOD 16th June  - Find it at Itunes, Sky Store, Virgin Movies, Google Play and Amazon Instant Video. Just accepted into the Black Bear Festival.

Previous screenings:

7 June 2016 - Private screening - Los Angeles Film Festival (LAFF) with the United Nations. US
14 June 2016 - World Premiere screening - Biografilm Festival. Italy
12 August 2016 - North America Premiere - Rhode Island International Film Festival. US
26 September 2016 - Eurasia International Film Festival. Kazakhstan
7 October 2016 - Eastern Europe Premiere - Warsaw Film Festival. Poland
15 October 2016 - Latin America Premiere - Docs [MX]. Mexico
26 November 2016 - IndieEarth XChange. India
24 April 2017 - Master of Art Film Festival - Bulgaria
12 May 2017 - DocsValència - Spain
19 May 2017 - Australasia Premier - Doc Edge Film Festival. New Zealand.